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Search Engine
Thu 04/05/2006
No Safety Guarantee For Internet-banking?
Topic: News
Despite the convenience of conducting on-line monetary transactions via the Internet, Malaysians should be aware that internet banking facilities give them no assurance against scams by unscrupulous individuals. Director of National ICT and Emergency Response Centre Lt Col Husin Jazri said phishing activities by phishers had grown into a major fraud in Malaysia based on the severity of impacts it had on customers and victimised financial institutions.

"The use of spoofed e-mails and fraudulent websites designed by phishers to manipulate recipients into releasing personal financial information such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords had resulted in loss of huge amount of money to customers and financial institutions," he told Bernama in an interview. However, he said the centre did not have any information on the total amount of losses. Phishing is a computer term for criminal activity using social engineering techniques, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details. He said last year the centre received a total of 149 reports on fraud activities compared to 106 in 2004, with 80 per cent representing phishing activities.

"This shows the activity is already a threat. And we see the trend to continue to be one of the major threats to the Malaysian internet users in the future," he said. Husin said the activity arose due to the free availability of tools and techniques on the Internet, which can be used to launch the activity, easily and quickly. "Moreover, many machines around the globe are poorly secured and vulnerable machines and have become a target of phishers that can be used to set up phishing sites," Husin said.

He said last year, the centre observed more local Internet banking becoming targets to phishing activities with the sites hosted on foreign servers. He said most methods of phishing used some form of technical 'deception' to make a link in an email which appeared to belong to the spoofed organisation."Luckily, we managed to communicate with relevant parties to shutdown the phishing sites within a short period of time," he said.

He said NISER also received reports regarding internet scams that promised high returns of money by making customers depositing to the fraudsters accounts but not receiving anything in return. "We advise users not to deposit or pay any amount of money to another party except to licensed financial institutions. Other than that, just ignore such scams or suspicious emails," he said. He said users may also verify such emails with Bank Negara Malaysia. NISER evolved from what was originally the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team or MyCert in 1997 by giving assistance to Malaysians in handling ICT security problems such as intrusion, spamming, hacking threat and forgery. -BERNAMA

Posted by dxplay at 6:02 AM JST
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Wed 03/05/2006
Google = an entertainment company?
Mood:  flirty
Topic: Search Engine
Google, one most popular search engine with advanced search technology connect millions internet surfers with many information. Since 1998, Google become a top web property until now. It was founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, the Stanford Ph.D students. It also lead by a former Sun alumnus, CEO Eric Schmidt. Early this year, Google planned to open the Google Video Store, where people can buy or rent video content from tv network, pro sports league, film makers & independent producers. A new player can be able to download for free to via Google Video. Google already has 3000 music videos & 300 tv program for sale. iPod & Sony Playstation Portable will also be able to download by users and watch content from Google Video's store. However premium content can be purchase in the US only. Google video will let users watch high-quality video. You can search & browse fast and easy. For video producers & anyone with a video camera, Google Video will give you a platform to publish to the entire Google audience. According to the IDC research firm's projections, by 2009, more than 30 million wireless subscribers will be watching commercial TV & video on a handheld device. The Strategic Alliance research firm estimates that more than 25 percent of the 279 million digital TV devices sold in 2010 will be cell phones. Google already provides cell phone services such as maps, e-mail, and search applications that can be delivered to mobile devices. Related links: GoogleGoogle Google MalaysiaGoogle Malaysia Google Indonesia Google Toolbar Gmail (Google Mail)

Posted by dxplay at 5:20 PM JST
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Sun 30/04/2006
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh
Mood:  happy
Topic: Greetings
Ahlan wasahlan wamarhaban bikum, salam sejahtera, sawadikap, & hello all bloggers and visitors Muhd Izzuddin Shah (Klang), my 1st blog. Please visit as soon as possible and you also can post your comment/opinion. If have you have any question or wanna to advertise products/website/blog, please e-mail me : or

Posted by dxplay at 1:18 AM JST
Updated: Wed 03/05/2006 5:22 PM JST
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